Monday, 30 July 2018


So, whats really cool about this wooden truck is that it was my brothers when he was a little kid (almost 40 years ago!). I actually remember playing with it myself too, so I got pretty nostalgic when I came across this little treasure in our attic. Oscar is in a massive car phase and has been for quite some time now (when he was about 8 months old we used to be able to just go to our living room window and point at my boring old Yaris when he was upset and he'd stop crying haha), so I thought I'd give the truck a lick of paint and a bit of new life.

Here's the before:

My mom last painted this truck in 1992 with a floral motif, and I actually remember her doing it. I even remember the name of that blue shade, bondebl√• or farmer's blue, and I guess she quite liked it as she went on a bit of a spree and painted all sorts of stuff in our house in this same shade, everything from baskets to the broom to the shutters on the outside of our house haha. I actually really like the color too, but I kind wanted to get rid of the flowers and just give it a bit of a refresh. The shade I ended up with is pretty close to the original color, just a little dustier and less saturated, which I like. And by the looks of it, Oscar seems to be loving his new truck too! "Wow, big truck!" says Oscar.

(Sidenote: When I was done with this truck, I obviously had quite a bit of paint left. So far I've only painted the stool we keep in the bathroom, but I can see how this could easily escalate to brooms and baskets and shutters in no time haha)

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