Tuesday, 4 October 2016


The most awful thing happened last week. I was taking out the film of our Olympus OM10 to get the photos from our recent trip to Athens developed, when it became apparent that THERE WAS NO FILM IN THE CAMERA. That's right. I "took" a whole roll of film, only to discover there was never any film in the camera in the first place. Devastated doesn't cover it! In fact, I was so upset that I ended up organizing part of the basement, just to get my mind off it. (Sidenote: how organized would my house be if I forgot to put film in my cameras more often?)

So instead of posting photos of ancient runes and sunshine, here's some photos I took in Copenhagen last year. Two of Graeme's friends were running a marathon, so Graeme and I jumped on the ferry and met up with them (no running for us though, walking all over town trying  to keep up with the runners was enough for us!). These were shot with my trusty Diana F+. which I actually haven't used in a while, on black and white Ilford XP2 super 400 120 film. 

We're headed to the cabin for a couple of days today, maybe I should bring this camera with me? Regardless of which camera I'm taking though, I'll definitely make sure there's actually film in it this time! 

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