Sunday, 15 November 2015


One of Graeme's friends is expecting a baby in January, and I've been meaning to knit something for their baby for a while. So when my plans got cancelled this Friday, it seemed like a good time to pick up my knitting needles. I brewed myself a pot of tea, stuck on a movie and snuggled up on the couch with the dog. In the end, it really wasn't a bad way to spend a Friday.

I was a bit unsure of what to knit as I know they're already getting a baby blanket from someone, but I eventually settled on this little set from Pickles. I'm not sure I'll be knitting the cardigan, but I think I'll definitely have to knit those little booties as well, they are far too cute. They've chosen to leave the gender a surprise, so my original plan was to knit something a bit more gender neutral. But girls can wear blue right? I'm wearing blue right now, and I'm a girl. Plus, I think they're going for a bit of an underwater theme in the nursery, so this should fit right in, surely. Not to mention it could obviously just as well end up being a boy. (..maybe I should just cross my fingers that it's a boy haha)

Isn't it tiny though? I actually got a bit worried about the size halfway through, and had to stop and consult Google to make sure I wasn't making it too small. And to be honest, I think it might actually be a bit on the larger size as the yarn is pretty stretchy, but that's fine, the kid will grow. I used leftover yarn from when I knitted this blanket (for a different baby), Drops' Baby Merino in petrol. The whole thing (minus the bobble) was knit in an evening, so I'm definitely making one of these again!

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