Sunday, 12 April 2015


I think my favorite thing about using analog film might be the anticipation and excitement of getting it developed. I tend to save them up and go and get a whole bunch of films developed at the same time, so quite often I have no idea when the films are even from.

Last week, Graeme and I were in Glasgow and in between wedding errands and visiting friends and family, I managed to sneak off and get a couple of 35 mm rolls developed in Snappy Snaps on Byres Road. The two rolls that were mine turned out to be from last summer- one from when Graeme's dad came to visit and the other from our trip to Spain. I've been working on a photo book from our Spain Trip, and didn't even realize I still had undeveloped rolls of film! And as this week's been pretty grey and dreary over here, I thought I'd share a couple shots of sunshine.

These were all taken with the Lomography La Sardina using 35 mm film. They were shot in Spain, namely in Benicassim, Cartagena and Murcia.

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  1. Oh I love these photos! They are so dreamy and fun.

    Sorry, I have no idea why I stopped getting emails about your post! Adding you to my feed. :) XO -Alexandra

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