Monday, 7 April 2014


I'm not entirely sure how many herb gardens I've had and killed in my life. I'm not very good at keeping them alive for very long, but as I use fresh herbs in my cooking a lot, I'm always trying to keep a couple herb plants in my kitchen window sill. But then I forget about them for a couple of days, and sadly, my herbs are not as forgiving of neglect as my cacti are. Still, I recently got a new pot for my herb garden, so I decided to make some cute markers out of polymer clay to label them. This is a super simple project, the kind you can easily do in an hour (depending on how long your clay needs to bake) and get great results.

I used white FIMO soft clay for this, as well as my alphabet stamp set. I rolled them into little sausages, flattened them with a kid's rolling pin and used the stamps for the lettering, before I baked them according to the instructions.

Maybe these will remind me to take better care of my herbs?


  1. What amazing idea! These markers are so pretty. I'll have to try these out when I eventually get an herb garden going!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  2. Så fin idé! Jeg dreper dessverre også urteplantene nesten med en gang. Men en dag skal jeg jo få det til, og da skal jeg ha fine markører i potta også! :) Ble det noe bildeframkalling på deg? Jeg gleder meg til resultatet! Ha en fin søndag :)

    1. Du, jeg tror virkelig det hjelper når du har litt fine markører til å minne deg på å ta vare på de, urtene mine er fremdeles grønne og fine! Tror nesten jeg setter rekord!

      Og takk for at du minte meg på det, har noe jeg må hente hos fotografen før påske! Hadde helt glemt det ut! Haha